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Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals)


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  • 1.3.5 Version

The Strategic Defense Game to protect kingdom by the constantly surging monsters

Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 0 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 1 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 2 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 3 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 4 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 5 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 6 Grow Kingdom (Coins/Crystals) screenshot 7

Prevent the enemies attacking and Grow your kingdom powerfully.

1. 'Grow Kingdom' The strategic Defense Game easy and simple!
- Enjoy dynamiccombats against lively 3D monsters.
- Develop your Castle, Heroes and Soldiers to progress endless waves.

2. Protect the Castle with your own Heroes/Mercernaries/Strategy from the Enemies!
- There are Various Soldies like infantryman, spearman, axeman, archer and magician.
- You can dispose units more than 50.
- Utilize Characteristic Skills of Heroes to ward enemies off!
- Make your units powerful through the training.

3. Enjoy the Various Contents like Common combat, Infinite mode, Hunt Monsters, etc.
- Your Units can be stronger by using diverse treasures and items from Combats.
- Experience the endlessly progressive Combats.
- You can earn various items to train the captives.



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  • Package name com.mobirix.dragonstone
  • Category Strategy
  • Latest Version 1.3.5
  • License Free
  • Date 2021-08-20
  • Available on google play
  • Developer mobirix
  • Requirements Android 4.4+

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