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Toca Life: Neighborhood (All Unlocked)

Toca Boca

Explore, decorate, and socialize in your vibrant new neighborhood

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant, interactive world of "Toca Life: Neighborhood," where the adventure of moving and creating your own space unfolds with endless possibilities. This addition to the Toca Life series invites players into a bustling neighborhood brimming with life, friendships, and personalization at every corner.

At the heart of this mobile game is the exciting process of moving into a new apartment. The game cleverly integrates choice and creativity, allowing players to select from four distinct apartments—each offering a unique canvas for interior design. Whether you gravitate towards minimalistic elegance, cute and cozy vibes, a bohemian retreat, or an industrial loft, "Toca Life: Neighborhood" encourages you to express your personal style and make the space your own. The inclusion of diverse living spaces not only adds depth to the game but also mirrors the real-world variety, making the experience more relatable and engaging.

Decorating your apartment becomes a delightful endeavor as you visit the interior design store, a treasure trove of items waiting to transform your place into a home. From plants and clocks to pillows and mailboxes, each object you select adds a layer of personality to your space. The game's design philosophy shines here, advocating for personal expression through virtual home decor. The addition of a photo booth injects a fun, social element, allowing players to capture moments with friends using whimsical filters—a nod to contemporary social media trends.

Community is at the core of "Toca Life: Neighborhood," as exemplified by the Rob-o Café. This quirky, robot-themed café is not just a place to grab a bite; it's a hub for interaction, relaxation, and enjoyment. The choice of four smoothie flavors adds a simple yet meaningful decision-making aspect, enhancing the game's immersive experience. It's in these communal spaces that the game truly comes to life, offering players a glimpse into the daily interactions that define a neighborhood's character.

Anticipation builds with the promise of Toca Life: World, an ambitious endeavor to unify the Toca Life universe, bringing all the locations together for a more expansive play experience. This forward-looking approach not only excites current players but also demonstrates the developers' commitment to growing and evolving the game's world.

"Toca Life: Neighborhood" stands out for its attention to detail and its dedication to fostering creativity and imagination. The inclusion of 23 new characters and the ability to shop for unique furniture pieces further enrich the game, offering a personalized play experience that mirrors the diversity and dynamism of real-life neighborhoods. The discovery of secret locations and interactive elements, like the Slothtato toy machine and the Rob-o Disco Club, ensure that exploration and curiosity are rewarded, keeping players engaged and eager to uncover all the game's secrets.

At its core, the title is more than just a game; it's a celebration of creativity, community, and the joys of making a space truly your own. Toca Boca's commitment to creating open-ended, imaginative play experiences shines through, making this game a captivating addition to any mobile gaming collection.

  • Package name com.tocaboca.tocaneighborhood
  • Category Education
  • Latest Version 1.2
  • License Free
  • Date 2024-06-16
  • Available on google play
  • Developer Toca Boca
  • Requirements Android 4.1+

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1.2 2022.08.11

Toca Life: Neighborhood (All Unlocked)


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1.1 2021.02.02
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Toca Life: Neighborhood (All Unlocked)


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