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Car Simulator 2

Oppana Games

Car Driving Simulator Free - is a real physics engine game (version 1. 33. 12)

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Car Simulator 2 belongs to the category of Simulation Games for Android and it has been developed by Oppana Games. Download the latest version (1.42.7) of the APK mod here in APKem.com which was released on 2024-07-24.

Car Simulator 2 has been voted 512.8k times with an average score of 4.4 since 2021-08-11. It's Free and the file size is 326 MB. The last version of its download is optimized for the version 16 (Android 4.1+).

Play the most realistic driving simulator of 2020! (version 1.33.12)
A new open world, over 35 new cars, and amazing gameplay await you!

Play online with real players from all over the world, win, and earn currency you can spend on new cars, upgrades, garages, and a house.

Cruise all over the city with your friends, upgrade your cars, enter and win insane races, explore a large city, and become the best!

Race by your own rules! Let's go!

- A fun, free-to-play game that's a blast to play.
- Online and single-player modes.
- 3D open world.
- Daily bonuses and quests.
- Fully detailed car models.
- Drive from a first- or third-person perspective.
- 360-degree car interiors.
- Lots of interactive elements in the car models.
- Realistic physics and sounds effects.
- A mechanic with lots of upgrade options for your cars.
- Interactive gas station.
- Exciting missions in the form of quests, arcade challenges, and races.
- Dynamic day-night cycle.

1. Buy new cars and upgrade them to win new races.
2. Don't go too fast in the city - drive carefully.
3. Watch out for the cops - they'll give you a ticket if they catch you speeding.
4. Pay attention to interactive tips and dialog boxes.
5. Don't forget to gas up your car at the gas station.
6. Bribes are cheaper than official tickets.
7. You can make extra money by picking up cab fares or working for the mob.
8. Obey the rules of the road.

Play the beta versions. Follow us!
Tell us your wishes for new features and comments about the game.

Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoy yourself!


  • Package name com.oppanagames.car.simulator
  • Category Simulation
  • Latest Version 1.42.7
  • License Free
  • Date 2024-07-24
  • Available on google play
  • Developer Oppana Games
  • Requirements Android 4.1+

Previous Versions
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Car Simulator 2 medium icon
1.42.7 2022.06.27

Car Simulator 2


326 MB • Free Download

Car Simulator 2 medium icon
1.38.5 2021.09.20

Car Simulator 2


226.4 MB • Free Download

Car Simulator 2 medium icon
1.37.0 2021.08.29
3 variants

Car Simulator 2


179.9 MB • Free Download

Car Simulator 2 medium icon
1.33.13 2021.02.07
2 variants

Car Simulator 2


191.6 MB • Free Download

Car Simulator 2 medium icon
1.0 2022.08.16
2 variants

Car Simulator 2


317.2 MB • Free Download

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