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The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money)

Game Insight

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  • 6.5.0 Version

Visit dungeons and towers, behold the walls of the abandoned castles

The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 0 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 1 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 2 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 3 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 4 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 5 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 6 The Tribez & Castlez (Unlimited Money) screenshot 7

Get ready for unforgettable adventures in the world of Tribez & Castlez!
As the ruler of a kingdom, you will face various challenges throughout the game. Some are peaceful, like having to build a village, plant a garden or repair a barnyard. Others will require you to improve your castle defense, protect the manor from attacks, and craft weapons and tools for your people. Your long-term objective is to bring your settlement to prosperity by farming the lands, developing your town and fighting enemies! Fight vicious villains, numerous fearful creatures and even a unique monster!
This Game is available for download absolutely FREE!


✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet so you can play it on a plane, in the subway or on the road. Enjoy!

✔ Enjoy a unique parallax effect on you device! It’s more than just a moving background; it creates a sense of dimension and the illusion of depth.
✔ Uncover the endless secrets of the magic game world in deep dungeons, high towers, and abandoned wastelands.

✔ Protect your kingdom from vicious Gobools, powerful Trollums, and a unique ancient beast, among other fearful creatures.

✔ Rebuild your kingdom: construct Sawmills and Factories, cultivate grapes and eggplants, breed pigs and sheep, farm the lands and reap the harvest.

✔ Develop your country by building fortified towers to protect your subjects and creating statues and fountains to boost your influence.

✔ Collect and Conquer: hundreds of rare magic items will add to your treasury and help you enlist the help of legendary heroes.

✔ Experience beautiful graphics and sound.

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  • Package name com.gameinsight.thetribezcastlez
  • Category Simulation
  • Latest Version 6.5.0
  • License Free
  • Date 2021-09-07
  • Available on google play
  • Developer Game Insight
  • Requirements Android 4.0+

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